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Is your company interested in developing a corporate partnership with Cats Protection? If so please get in touch with us today.

In 2018 we rehomed 41,000 cats and kittens and helped reunite 3,000. This, alongside our neutering and education programmes, ensures that around 200,000 cats are given the chance of a better life every year. Through the support of our charity corporate partnerships we are able to help cats in need across the UK.

Whether you’re a multi-national corporation looking for a major charity partnership, or a local company interested in raising funds for us, our experienced Corporate Partnerships team will work with you to create a mutually-beneficial partnership package.

Why partner with us?

The difference your company can make

Our existing partners support us in a variety of ways such as raising vital funds through cause-related marketing campaigns, corporate sponsorship and helping us spread our key cat welfare and veterinary messages.

It costs us on average £180 to care for a cat until they find a home. Therefore, successful corporate charity partnerships help to provide us with vital funds towards the costs of our work.

How do corporate partnerships work?

When a partnership exists between a charitable organisation and a corporate organisation, it usually relies on the corporate organisation providing funding and sharing resources with the charity, in order to allow them to do their job and help those in need. Corporate partnerships are a brilliant way for charitable organisations, like Cats Protection, to continue their growth and maintain the help they offer. The support of a corporate organisation means a regular source of funding, which helps charities to plan for the future and continue to improve their services.

A corporate partnership also helps to bolster the reputation of companies through connection to a well-regarded charity, such as Cats Protection, which is renowned as one of the leading animal charities in the country.

Ways to partner with us

Access to your audience

You could help us to reach a bigger audience by communicating our key messages and campaigns to your customers such as via your publications, website, social media channels and internal communications to employees.

For example, you could communicate about our work, early neutering, Cat Sponsorship programme, Cat Guardians scheme, veterinary advice or campaigns.

Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving is an easy way for your employees to make a monthly donation through their pay. Through your payroll department, employees can make a regular donation with the amount they specify being deducted from their pay before tax is taken, so every £1 they give to Cats Protection will only cost them 80p. This is an extremely beneficial source of revenue for Cats Protection as it provides us with regular income. It also brings benefits to your company as it can raise your Corporate Community Investment profile, boost employee morale and engender a sense of team-building, which can aid staff retention.

In order for employees to be able to donate this way, you will need to have a Payroll Giving scheme in place. More information about Payroll Giving can be found here. Alternatively, contact for more information regarding partnerships.

Cause-related marketing campaign (CRM) or product licensing

A cause-related marketing (CRM) campaign is a great way to support the charity and offers mutual benefits. A CRM partnership would convey to your customers and employees your corporate responsibility, could increase sales, improve customer loyalty and foster positive brand association, while at the same time raising essential funds for Cats Protection. This could also take the form of product licensing.

Corporate Sponsorship opportunities

Throughout the year, Cats Protection holds various events that may be available for corporate sponsorship. These could include the National Cat AwardsInternational Challenge Events and challenge events. Another opportunity could be providing funding towards our capital build programme with many new centres planned across the UK over the next few years.

Alternatively, you could help with the day to day costs of running a centre such as funding food for a year.

Benefits of corporate partnerships for charities

There are many different advantages of corporate partnerships, for example with the support of a commercial entity, we have access to a new pool of clients to help homeless cats across the UK.

Everyday there are more and more cats within the UK without a home, without the care that they need to survive. Raising awareness of the issues we are up against and the specific risks that could come into play is a great step towards making a marked difference.

Why are corporate partnerships so important?

Corporate partnerships provide charities with a range of financial and non-financial benefits to help them toward their key objectives. For example, our corporate partners help us towards our key objectives of homing, neutering and education. Through our partners we are also able to communicate our key messages and campaigns to a vast audience. These partnerships are pivotal to the success of Cats Protection and many other charities within the UK.

Our current partners

We have developed a range of corporate partnerships with our existing partners who include Purina and Petplan among others.

For more information on how your company can work with us and to share your ideas please contact our Corporate Partnerships team on 01825 741 351 or via email To find out more about our current corporate partnerships click here.

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