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We are here to help people see the world through cats’ eyes

Since 1927 we have helped cats across the UK and helped people to better understand their needs. As a community of volunteers, employees, supporters and partners, we’ve improved the lives of millions of cats and transformed the way millions of people see and care for cats.

Our vision is a society where every cat has their best possible life because they are protected, cared for and understood by everyone.

This is not an easy thing to achieve, but that’s the point. It’s challenging and ambitious. But by moving towards it we’ll continually make the world better for cats and people.

We also have a clear definition of what we all do in Cats Protection – the mission we are on to deliver our vision.

We are a movement of people championing the welfare of cats. We lead society in a richer understanding of all cats and care for those that need our help.

This can be summed up by our purpose. If we can help everyone to better understand cats and their needs, we can help them to behave differently towards them, to care for them in the best way and to ensure the world appreciates and protects cats. That is why our purpose is:

To help people see the world through cats’ eyes

Our strategy and goals

There are millions of cats in the UK and although we’re doing a great job, we’re only reaching a fraction of those we could help. We believe that every cat – not just those that come into our care – deserves our help, and that we have the opportunity to do so much more for every type of cat and in every situation. We have the ability to positively impact the lives of millions of cats.

Our strategy is focused on giving every cat their best possible life. So, it’s not surprising that four important goals are focused around their welfare. The first goal is to ensure that all sheltered cats (not just those which we have taken into our care) have a good welfare experience. The second goal is to improve the quality of life of all owned cats, and the third goal is to ensure all feral cats (those that are unsocialised and unowned) are treated appropriately.

Finally, our fourth goal commits us to continue and develop our neutering programme to ensure the UK cat population is balanced to improve cat welfare.

Our strategy will also enable us to work more effectively together, to grow sustainably, and to reach more people who care about cats. We will only do this by living our values and supporting our people, both volunteers and employees.

Our values

As a movement of people, we all share a common set of principles that influence the way we do things. Our shared values act as a guiding compass to shape our behaviour and the decisions we make. They create consistency – so that wherever and whenever people encounter Cats Protection, they always get the same experience. When we all operate consistently together, we really do help everyone to see the world through cats’ eyes and create a richer society for all.

  • We put cats first. We are here for all cats. Their welfare is at the heart of our charity. We give them a voice and provide them with care and compassion when they need us. Cats enrich our lives, we aim to enrich theirs, celebrating and appreciating differences in each other, cat owners and in every cat.
  • We work as one. We are the heart of a network that connects people who care about cats. We don’t stop there; we continue to create more partnerships and expand our reach. We share our passion for cats, seek different perspectives, remove barriers, respect and value diverse perspectives and experiences
  • We are courageous. Doing the right thing requires courage and bravery. We want to be known and trusted, that means we must be honest, open and transparent. It means we own our actions and are always authentic. And we continue to raise the bar on cat welfare standards.
  • We are knowledgeable. We want to be here for all cats, and we can only do this by continuing to learn and share our expertise. We will make decisions based on evidence, see the bigger picture and strive to have the biggest impact. As experts, we share our knowledge and expertise freely. We will never stop learning about cats and their needs.
  • We are compassionate. We show care and compassion, considering the best way to share knowledge that reaches people in meaningful ways. We recognise that we all have a unique set of skills, expertise and experience and this collective strength makes the most difference to cats. We act in a compassionate and caring way – it’s how we make a difference to cats and each other.
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