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At Cats Protection, we do everything we can to ensure your cat has received only the best standards of love and care while they're with us. Our adoption fee helps us continue our work

While the love and attention our cats receive comes for free, veterinary treatment, neutering and microchipping all has to be paid for. That's why we ask all of our adopters for a fee - it allows us to carry on helping more and more cats that desperately need our help.

It's not just all the care our cats receive that makes adopting with Cats Protection the best choice. We also provide support, help and advice on getting your new cat settled in.

Choosing a cat from Cats Protection is a great way to adopt a new pet. By paying an adoption fee, you're helping us to give cats, many of which have been abandoned and mistreated, a loving new start in life.

Find out more about our adoption fee in our FAQs.

Cats Protection used to ask for a donation. Why do you now ask for a fee?

Asking for a fee rather than a donation means we can make the money we receive go further. We can do this by claiming VAT back on the cost we incurred getting your cat ready to be rehomed. This money is used by our branches and centres to further their cat welfare work. Of course, should you feel able to make a donation on top of paying the fee, this is always gratefully received and would help as to claim back Gift Aid as well. All this means we can help many cats in the future.

Do other animal welfare charities charge a fee for adoption?

All other major animal welfare charities charge a fee for adoption, including the RSPCA, Dogs Trust and Blue Cross. While smaller charities may not charge a fee, it is worth remembering all of the benefits that adopting a cat from Cats Protection provides. A full health check as well as neutering and vaccinations, to name a few. 

Is the fee you charge the same at every branch or centre?

Fees vary from each branch or centre. This is because some branches have to pay more for veterinary treatments than others, and may have higher costs when looking after cats. Wherever you adopt your cat from Cats Protection, your cat will have received dedicated love, care and attention to allow them to be ready for their new home.

Every cat from every branch and centre will have received a health check, flea, roundworm and tapeworm treatments and at least one vaccination against cat flu and enteritis. They will also have been neutered and microchipped. While your fee doesn't cover all of these costs, it does help towards paying them. 

What happens if my cat falls ill after I get them home? Can I get my money back?

Our branches and centres will do everything they can to help you, should you have problems with your cat. We'll let you know should your cat have any pre-existing illnesses before you take them home - we want to make sure they are cared for and receive the right veterinary treatment. 

We'll always offer support once you have taken your cat home. The best thing to do is to talk to the branch or centre you adopted your cat from, as they'll be able to help and advise.

I can't afford the adoption fee but would love to rehome a Cats Protection cat. Can I still have one?

In this case, it is best to talk to the branch or centre you're looking to adopt a cat from. Obviously owning a cat comes with regular costs for food, accessories and veterinary bills and this will need to be taken into consideration. As a welfare charity, we have to ensure our cats will be well looked after.

We are always grateful, however, of anyone that can rehome our cats. Talk to your local branch or centre, who will be happy to try to help. 

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